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When I think of the word vulnerable, I immediately think of something exposed to the elements like plants & animals, or people without clothes.
During a trip to Maui, Hawaii, we ventured the Waimoku Falls trail, through a surreal bamboo forest, with tall bamboo poles clacking gently against each other. A very beautiful experience.
As much as our goal was to reach the 450 foot spill of water that cascades into a large shallow pool, we were stunned turn after turn along the trail with beautiful grottos, smaller waterfalls & classic tropical Hawaiian splendor.

Exposed roots
Exposed roots

One of the most memorable spots was coming upon a giant Banyan tree, which presented like a mythical creature, spawning massive branches & supporting roots into the rich Mauian soil. One can only feel small next to such a octopian growth. It’s roots, all twisted up like a Los Angeles freeway exchange, must have been growing for over 100 years in order to amass in this way.
Camera in hand, it seemed like an impossible task to capture such a monster. Sometimes, it pays to get in close with a shot, to emphasize the intricate nature of such a beast, rather than approach the idea of trying to fit this gnarled mammoth into a single wide angled frame, which by the way would have been impossible.
As much as I was truly intimidated by the sheer mass of the banyan, I appreciated how strong it must be to have its roots exposed, vulnerable to the years of tropical storms & brazen sun, naked to the elements, while continuing to thrive. What at first appeared as a vulnerability, proved only to be the epitome of strength.

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