The Name Game

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We bought ourselves our first boat. It ain’t pretty, she’s an old gal, but she floats.

While thinking up a good name for her (she’s currently called Raven’s Song), I did a bit of scouring over the internet for name ideas. Some of the funniest things I’ve seen online include “My Dixie Wreck”…which took me a few times to say it out loud before I got it), and “Piece of Ship” also made me laugh out loud.

I dabbled with a few ideas, then started thinking about the colour of the boat and her age, which led me to “Old Spice”. It seemed to fit because that was a scent that my Grandfather always wore, (he was a commercial fisherman for 70 years), and I’ve always loved that scent – it reminds me of him. Anyone who knows me understands that I think in threads, so my next thought was about other old scents from the 70’s, like Aqua Velva! Then, in my head I changed one letter and it became “Aqua Vulva (something smells fishy)”, which would be a great name for a gynecologist’s boat! Paint that baby pink, and Bob’s your uncle!

Some clever boat names I found online include:
A Salt Weapon…pirate ship?
A Wake N Crew Zen…Ironic, since my husband has sleep apnea & not much patienceThree Hour Tour…An old classic, but we’re missing a professor
Always-$umthing…need I say more?
Anchor Management…now that’s just funny
I-Sore…for the uglier watercraft
Anita-Cocktail…just don’t be drinking if you’re the captain 🙂
Atsa Ma Boat…for the Italian mama’s boy.
The F-word…I meant fish, what were you thinking?

But I digress. After considering the Old Spice thing, I thought maybe the best name for the boat is my Grandfather’s first name, Knut. Simple & dedicated to the old salty dog’s memory.

Finally, I passed the naming process over to my son’s girlfriend and she offered up a few great ones like “Sea-Nyle”, “Off Da Hook”, “Nice Aft”, “Looking For the Wet Spot” (great tag line for the Aqua Vulva idea), and “Reel Laxed”. However, the best one she came up with is “Fa Get A Boat It”, which to me sums up the reason one gets a pleasure craft in the first place…to forget about everything else and just enjoy yourself for a few hours. I think our work here is done.

Have you got a great name for a boat? Post it in the comments!

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  1. What a fun read. You came up with some great names, and also found some very interesting ones in your search. I’d go with Aqua Vulva .

    I did see a bright yellow boat once named Diazapam, but that was in the late 70s when everyone knew about those little yellow “mother’s helpers”.

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