Marinas of Steveston

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Marinas of Steveston

I dare say few people wouldn’t enjoy the view of a marina, even when the vessels moored there are commercial in nature. Something about water, sunshine & boats just seems to make for a pleasurable scene.

A few days ago I spent the day with my father, who is your classic life long commercial fisherman. His boat, the Helena is moored in a tiny slough at Garry Point in Steveston, BC. These images are of this quaint industrial niche of a moor, where other commercial fishermen like my Dad can go about maintaining their boats between shifts at sea.

The Helena has been sailing the coastal waters of British Columbia for over 40 years, with my Dad as her Captain and caretaker for 37 of them. She’s in good company, as the wooden vessel Crystal S. has been around for 80 years and still looks amazing (thanks to her dutiful owner).

At 78 I have to wonder why my Dad & step-mom continue to fish the local waters every season. I have to assume, like most of the people who keep him company, they are lifers to the craft of putting fresh ocean treats upon our tables. We know not the toils that these men & women go through for our palatable pleasures!

These images are processed in HDR using multiple exposures & a program called Photomatix Pro. As always, your comments are welcomed 🙂

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