England’s Newest Export

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Some of the greatest music minds & talents have been exports from the British Isles.  If you hesitate to agree,  just check your rock’n’roll history books to refresh your memory.


Without exception, you will find renowned songwriter/musician Andy Fraser, founder of the 70’s classic rock band Free (All Right Now) & Tobi Earnshaw the newest addition to England’s young & talented music exports to add to that list.

Tobi Earnshaw


I met Tobi & Andy a few weeks back, having been given the pleasure of photographing them in downtown Vancouver at the launch of Tobi’s USA radio junket tour & support of the Artsist Support Japan project.  Cyrene Jagger, who works directly with Andy Fraser wrote this statement about the project on her website:
The first artist to post material to the (Artists Support Japan) website was the Tom Hollister Trio, and has since received contributions from a wide variety of such celebrity musicians such as Glenn Hughes, Ron Sexsmith, Keith Emerson, Paul Rodgers, Rosanne Cash, George Winston and LA Guns, Andy Fraser along with Mctrax recording artist TOBI, among others“. – Cyrene Jagger, JaggerEdge Platinum Artists.com


I found myself easily comfortable with them both during our short visit.  They are warm, welcoming, kind and very passionate about their work showing the world Tobi Earnshaw, represented by Andy’s company Mctrax International Inc.


While touring throughout the USA chatting and performing at various radio stations, iHeartRadio.com has taken on the opportunity to share Tobi under their Discover & Uncover banner, giving Tobi a feature page on their website.  There, you will find the video (below) and an audio sample of Tobi’s talent with his song “Brighten Up My Day“.


At the tender age of 16, Tobi has an entire world ahead of him.  I look forward to another chance to hang with these two, share some lively conversation about Tobi’s US journey, and an opportunity to take some more promotional images for them.  Under the brilliant guidance of Andy Fraser, we are sure to see more great things come of Tobi in the very near future.


*Andy Fraser is the legendary musician and songwriter, best known for penning FREE’s rock anthem “All Right Now,” Robert Palmer’s mega-hit “Every Kinda People” and recent ground-breaking CD “Naked…and finally free.  Andy has produced for Rod Stewart, Joe Cocker, Chaka Khan & more.  Go to Mctrax.com to find more information about Andy Fraser & Tobi Earnshaw.

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