Lyrical Light

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I have a deep admiration for those whom can play an instrument – any instrument. Thus as a photographer, I am drawn to take images of musicians & instruments when the opportunity arises. Typically, I’d be connected musically through my … Continued


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When I think of the word vulnerable, I immediately think of something exposed to the elements like plants & animals, or people without clothes. During a trip to Maui, Hawaii, we ventured the Waimoku Falls trail, through a surreal bamboo … Continued

Sometimes the real talent isn’t so obvious…

Someone had posted this video on Facebook, and I just had to share it here. If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to be a great recording engineer, this might give you a hint at what a lot of engineers … Continued

Marinas of Steveston

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Marinas of Steveston I dare say few people wouldn’t enjoy the view of a marina, even when the vessels moored there are commercial in nature. Something about water, sunshine & boats just seems to make for a pleasurable scene. A … Continued

The Name Game

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We bought ourselves our first boat. It ain’t pretty, she’s an old gal, but she floats. While thinking up a good name for her (she’s currently called Raven’s Song), I did a bit of scouring over the internet for name … Continued

England’s Newest Export

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Some of the greatest music minds & talents have been exports from the British Isles.  If you hesitate to agree,  just check your rock’n’roll history books to refresh your memory.   Without exception, you will find renowned songwriter/musician Andy Fraser, founder … Continued